As One Of The World’s Leading Independent, Residential Safety Experts Of Luxury Properties, Wolf Wörster’s Top Priority Is Ensuring Your Living Space Is Safe.

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How Important is Residential Safety?   
Every year, more than 120,000 Americans die as a a result of an unintentional household accident. For each person that dies from an injury, there are 13 that are hospitalized and 129 that require emergency room treatment.
Fortunately, a thorough property safety inspection can help to prevent these tragic and unnecessary deaths and injuries.
Taking your personal space into consideration, an in depth safety analysis of your interior and exterior home can be conducted with the utmost discretion in less than 12 hours.

Our clients

Our clients are typically UHNW homeowners that reside throughout the world; many in London, New York, Los Angeles and Miami. 
Regardless of the property location, all of our clients have one thing in common – they value the importance of knowing their private sanctuary is safe. 
Ensuring our clients have an in depth knowledge of the best practices for safety living for themselves and anyone who spends time in their home, is one of our top priorities; and knowing our clients have the assurance that they can sleep well at night, is how we sleep well too.

Wolf Wörster

For the past 16 years, Wolf Wörster has consulted on luxury residential safety on behalf of UHNW families, celebrities, business leaders and heads of state.  House managers and owners of significant residences throughout Europe and North America hire Wolf to provide an independent analysis of their homes.
In 2015, Wolf and his team created a safety & security audit and certification program specifically for the vacation rental industry, currently operating in the US and Canada through his company, CertiStay.
"A great service by Wolf & his team assessing my beach home. An independent safety consultant truly provides a professional point of view outside of our family."
Kelly B.
Santa Barbara, CA
"I had no idea how potentially unsafe my home was for my family and my staff. No question, it was a very good independent analysis."
Alexander S.
London, England

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